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Constructed Facilities Center
Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources
West Virginia University
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PCC V - Vision, Mission and Objectives

Polymer Composites Conference V

Civil and Military Infrastructure

Vision Statement

We have a vision for the year 2025:

  • Composites will be commonly used in infrastructure applications.

  • Composites will be recognized as having reduced life cycle costs, reduced installation time, enhanced service life and will insure safety, sustainability and security of infrastructure systems through the use of smart materials.

  • Composites usage with new developments will continue to grow and result in economic growth in the order of billions of dollars annually.

Mission Statement

  • To disseminate status reports, case studies, success stories, new developments, opportunities and challenges from applications of composites in infrastructure development, sustainability, security and rapid deployment.

Conference Objectives

To improve the quality of life, research, government, industry and educational leaders will join together to advance the use of polymer composites in transportation infrastructure, homeland security and integrate with smart materials to:

  • Demonstrate the successful application of composites in infrastructure renewal by validating their cost-effectiveness, design, construction, and performance.

  • Exchange information with participants on the use of composites by: (1) delineating the role that composites play in infrastructure development and sustainability, homeland security and smart materials; (2) understanding technical, economic and regulatory barriers; and (3) identifying agencies that can enable the expansion of composites use.

  • Present current and proposed contract specifications, which affect the use of composites and allow the use of competitive bidding.

  • Recognize and promote domestic applications and future trends.

  • Promote utilization of composites in infrastructure through the analysis of failure and lessons learned.

  • To facilitate the development of specifications to permit competitive bidding.

  • Discuss recommended practices for installation, repair procedures and maintenance materials.