Undergraduate Students

Q&A related to undergraduate students

Can I take graduate level courses as an undergraduate student?
Can I take more than 20 hours in a semester?
How can I apply for an academic Minor? What Minors are available?
How can I calculate my GPA?
How do I change my major?
I already have a Baccalaureate Degree, will any of the courses I took toward that degree, count toward my current major?
I completed a Transient Application, but the courses I took at another college do not show on my transcript. Why?
I have a disability. Where can I go to discuss my concerns with someone?
I have been out of school for many years, and I didn't do very well at that time. Can I erase those early grades from my record?
I took courses at another institution, but they transferred to WVU as open credit. Will they count toward my degree?
I want to take classes at another institution during the summer, how do I get the credit transferred to WVU?
I will not return to WVU next semester, but I plan to return at a later date. Should I let someone know?
I'm afraid I'm going to fail a course, should I drop it?
I'm having a difficult semester and my G.P.A. may drop below 2.0. Will I be suspended?
I'm having personal problems and can't concentrate on my classes. Where can I go for help?
If I am suspended from the University, how can I be readmitted after one year?
What are the requirements for graduation with honors?
What are the requirements to graduate with multiple degrees?
What are the requirements to move into a major?
When I took a class, it was designated as a GEC objective, but now it is not listed on the current list of GEC objectives.
When should I apply for graduation?